Carbon foiling

Carbon filming

The stylish carbon fiber pattern matches all body colors body colors applicable, resulting in a stunning custom look.

Carbon Black Matt

Our Black Carbon Matt combines an eye-catching matte finish with a carbon fiber pattern for an ultra modern look. This innovative film features excellent stretch and adhesive properties and offers a true black coloring that is highly resistant to fading.

Carbon black gloss

The Black Carbon gloss combines a timeless sheen with our distinctive carbon fiber pattern, offering a flair that is unmistakable. Super hydrophobic and self-healing, our revolutionary fashion film protects against stains, scratches and contaminants and ensures that your vehicle's finish remains pristine.

Forged Carbon

The High Gloss Forged Carbon finish combines a timeless shine with our eye-catching forged carbon pattern, offering distinctive flair and shine.

Transparent or colored carbon surface

We have carbon films in all kinds of colors. Our state of the art carbon film has all durable protective properties. The stylish carbon fiber pattern will match all body colors and sort for a stunning custom look.

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